Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter? Spring?

I can't tell you all how many times I've written this post (in my head, of course).  Every day I think I'll finally get around to it, but here we are - it's almost February! Life has been insanely busy. 

A week before Christmas eve, Lola sat up.  On Christmas eve, she started crawling.  The next week she started babbling (finally!) and also started pulling on things. We haven't slowed down since.  I knew once she could move around she'd be happier - I was right.  She's definitely not as fussy as she used to be...unless you're keeping her from crawling.  She keeps me SO busy! We are constantly moving and there's always something to get into.  I'm loving it though.  I feel like we're finally having some fun!

She's currently going through another growth/developmental spurt.  Over the past week or so, she's been waking up in the middle of the night ready to play.  She crawls and rolls wildly about in her sleep.  One night she was at the foot of the bed, standing up and bouncing! Bo has been a huge help sometimes taking her for me, but mostly not giving me too hard of a time for being snippy from exhaustion.  She's otherwise been sleeping relatively well. *knocks on wood*  I'm wondering though if she's hit a little sleep regression, as a book I'm reading suggested it was normal at this age (8 months already!).  She was down to two naps, but yesterday she took three and today her naps have been earlier than normal - and she's already on her second nap so I guess it's possible she could squeeze a late afternoon nap in.

Lola has been eating some solids.  She's tried sweet potato, regular potato, a bit of my oatmeal, green beans, broccoli, chicken, turkey, beef, banana and avocado.  I'm sure I've forgotten something.  We have been going with the Baby Led Weaning concept and it has suited us well.  Lola is incredibly independent, so I doubt she would want to be spoon-fed anyway.  She loves finger foods and feeding herself.  She's even started to want little sips of water.  Bo and I have enjoyed watching her grow up and hit her milestones.  Lola is incredibly curious and our lack of baby proofing has made our house perfect for her to explore all sorts of things.  We really need to baby proof - haha.

If you want to stay more up-to-date, Facebook is probably your best bet.  My page is pretty much dedicated to all things Lola, since we hang out all day together.  I also have Instagram and Twitter, both of which are confusing to me. 

With Spring just around the corner (or is it here already?!), I hope to post some gardening related pictures soon.  Bo built us a garden fence and it looks so nice.  I also planted a strawberry patch and hope to plant some veggie seeds soon.  If not, I'm looking forward to buying some transplants.  Really I just want to grow something knowing that Brodie and the chickens won't destroy it!


Shiffana 12:37 PM  

She is growing up so fast. I enjoy hearing about her milestones and watching her grow. Can't believe I have not met her yet. She is beautiful! You two are doing great ;)

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