Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Weekly Weekend Post

I'm starting to see a trend here with the weekly weend posts. This weekend was pretty busy as we had somewhere to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday we went to The Oasis, which is a restaurant west of Austin on Lake Travis, to celebrate a church-friend's birthday. The food was mediocre and over-priced, but the view was amazing.
I forgot my camera, so I used my iPhone. The phone's camera is actually good for a phone, but of course it just doesn't capture the sunset like a regular camera. It's just awesome how many colors there were in the sky as the sun went down.

Saturday I went to a brunch with some of the ladies from church. I enjoyed getting to know everyone just a little bit more. It can be difficult being the "new person" in a group because most of the people have known each other a lot longer and go out and do stuff together. So I always try to go to any get-togethers because that's really the only way I'm going to get to know anyone. Bo went to some garage sales that promised to have "lots of tools," but of course they were either already sold or someone had no clue what "lots of tools" means. Afterward we went to REI and bought some folding camping chairs. We have some lawn chairs that we've had for about 5 years now they're starting to look unsafe to sit in. This go 'round we opted to get the kind of chair that folds up and goes in a bag. It will be SO much easier to pack and carry to the car camping sites that are not close to the parking lot.

Sunday we had to get up early for a meeting. We were asked about a month ago to be bulletin greeters and this was an orientation of sorts. Then we had to rush over to church before the meeting was over to be greeters. I enjoy getting to say hi to everyone before church, I mean literally everyone! I think Bo likes it to. He has to open and close the door, so his right arm gets quite the workout. Bo is also running sound about once a month and I have signed up to help with the children's ministry. We've both been blessed by being able to serve our church and I'm looking forward to what God has in store for us in this capacity.

Today I have to study. I'm taking my exam on Thursday so any and all prayers are greatly welcome. I'm nervous of course, but I feel prepared. There are a few sections that I don't feel great about, but if I do what I'm supposed to be doing I should be able to straighten those out without a problem before then. I really need to get some good sleep this week. I started having some serious insomnia problems last week, but Saturday and Sunday night I actually slept. I have a feeling that Friday will be massive clean the house day in the Wingo-household.


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