Thursday, August 27, 2009


Last night Bo and I saw the musical Wicked. This was our first musical to see together and I think it was Bo's first musical ever. Anyhow, we both enjoyed it. As both of my parents know, I've been a huge Wizard of Oz fan since a very young age so when we heard that Wicked was coming to Austin, we just HAD to see it. I like the Wizard of Oz story better, but this was great. Wizard of Oz is coming within the year so I know we're going to see that, right Bo?

On a completely unrelated note, Bo and I had health screenings at his work this morning. I'd like to report that we're both healthy. We had a glucose test (mine was fasting, Bo's was not because he ate on the way), total and HDL cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI. If I could change anything right now, it would be to exercise more. We were walking the dogs a couple of miles each night, but we haven't done the the past couple of weeks. We've been pretty busy, but we should try a little harder to fit it in. I'd also like to start running again in the morning, but until I can get out of this insomnia phase I won't be getting up early enough to run. The insomnia thing comes and goes. Hopefully it will go away soon and stay away for awhile. Exercise would probably help that actually.

Happy Thursday!


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