Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Past Weekend

I wanted to post yesterday, but I never got around to it. My RD exam is coming up in a couple of weeks so my life has consisted of not getting around to many different things...other than studying of course!

Our weekend was pretty quiet. Saturday we helped some friends move out of their old apartment and into a new one. That took up most of the morning, and with triple digit heat we were exhausted afterward. We napped most of the afternoon! We love our Saturday naps.

On Sunday Bo put a shelf up in the utility room for me. Eventually, I think he has plans for cabinets, but that will be awhile before we do that. I had originally asked for a small shelf off to the side, but we started talking and I ended up with a long shelf across the back wall. That's usually how it works. I have an idea, we collaborate, and BAM! I have something way better than I ever imagined. We have great synergy.

It's amazing how a $9.00 shelf from Home Depot can completely transform a room. Before the shelf, I had to store stuff on top of the washer and dryer, which means that every time I needed to use them I had to move something to push the buttons. Not only do I have more room, but it looks much more organized and clean. My only complaint with this house in general is that it came with ZERO storage space. Sure we have some closets, but none of them contained shelving of any kind. The people who sold us the house, flipped it and for some reason thought that shelving (or storage of any kind) wasn't necessary for a house. Anyhow, that was nine bucks well spent.


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