Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Last weekend, Bo and I went back to Canton/Edgewood to visit our families. Bo actually went down to continue building a cabin that he and his brother have been working on, but due to the rain, I'm pretty sure nothing got done. Since I would probably be in the way of building I just go visit family and friends while they're working. This weekend happened to be First Monday weekend, so of course I had to go shoppping. I only spent $9, which is pretty amazing considering that some people fill up entire trucks and trailers with their purchases. I bought a pitcher from a pottery place and a small Celtic cross. I'm in the process of decluttering our house so the thought of buying stuff was not incredibly appealing.

I almost forgot to mention that Cannon had a tumor removed. Our vet, Dr. Kipp Wingo, had biopsed two lumps of Cannon's about a month ago and wasn't sure about one of them. Anyhow, the results came back and it isn't anything to worry about. Cannon didn't even seem fazed by the operation when I picked him up. They take such great care of our dogs! As soon as we got to my dad's house he took off running. I don't think I was supposed to let him do that...oops.

I was going to post some pictures, but I'm not sure how to do it yet. I'll hopefully get Bo to show me this evening. I'm trying to post them directly from Picassa, but I'm not sure if I'm posting them from my computer or from the internet. Does that make sense? It doesn't to me, haha.


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