Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Painting, continued

So I didn't make as much progress as I hoped to yesterday because I started painting around 7:30 PM. I have been trying to do better with cooking dinner vs. ordering out so this is why we got a late start. I have to say it was worth it though.

Anyhow, my neck HURTS. Is this normal with painting? It would make sense considering I have to look up when doing most of the painting, but geez I wonder how long it will take for it to go back to normal. We won't be painting tonight because we're hanging out with our small group, but tomorrow I'll be able to work some while Bo is at a friend's house building his workbench. Thursday we're gone to another church related meet-up so Friday we'll both be working again. I think we can get the main walls finished on Friday. Trim will have to wait until next week. I had the unrealistic goal of being finished by now. That's okay because our schedule wasn't initially this busy. Honestly I'd rather be busy meeting up with friends :)

Right now our dogs are in a stand-off with a squirrel. The squirrels enjoy stealing my strawberries, but the dogs do an excellent job of scaring them off. This one particular squirrel just doesn't want to give up. He's been in the same spot up in a tree for nearly an hour chirping at the dogs. It annoys me when the dogs bark and run along the fenceline, but in this case they're protecting our food so it's okay. That last sentence sounds a lot more humorous than I intended - haha.


R and J 7:32 AM  

HA! That last sentence made me laugh too! Glad your doggies are protecting your food!

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