Monday, June 01, 2009


Wow, our house is pretty much a disaster zone. Not so much because I haven't cleaned, but because we're painting. So all of our furniture and cans of paint are in the middle of the living room. It's driving me crazy. We're right at week 1 of this project. We went to Lowe's on Memorial Day and bought everything and started priming that night. I think if we weren't so busy during the week we would be done by now. The entire project includes our two hallways and our living room area (which is pretty big). The main hallway was not fun painting. There are like 5 doors in that hallway and I quickly learned that I don't particularly like painting around door frames. I think it's also a psychological thing because you spend so much time in the hallway and it doesn't seem like you did a whole lot, whereas in the living room I feel like I'm making quick progress. Anyhow, I'm hoping we can finish up the project next Sunday evening. We have places to be Tuesday and Thursday and Bo will probably be gone Wednesday.

I'll try and take some pictures once we're done. My sister helped me pick the colors out. I had the general color scheme and she told me which shades would be appropriate. She's very talented in decor and color so I trust her. So far, so good.

Well that's enough boring paint talk. Happy Monday.


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