Thursday, July 02, 2009

Housewide Organization

I feel like our entire house is a disaster.

If someone came over I would be pretty embarrassed. However, we're trying to pull things out that we don't need and donate them to Savers, Goodwill, etc. Our office is in great need of being organized. We have tons of electronics, books and office stuff that is just piled up. And then there's the box of computer parts that Bo has set aside for "e -recycling" at Goodwill. FYI: don't throw your old electronics/computers/gadgets in the garbage. It's bad for the environment, not because it adds to landfills, but because they leach harmful chemicals and heavy metals. You can google recycling electronics, to find the nearest donation center near you.

So we have this box of electronics/computer parts. Bo filled it up about a week ago and I haven't taken it yet because the Goodwill that takes the "e-waste" is up north. I should have taken it last week because he's started digging through it and last night we (I helped unscrew stuff...) started building another computer. So while we're in the process of getting stuff out of the office, we've started putting the same stuff back. However, I think he has a legitimate use for the computer (or so he tells me) so I guess it's okay.

I've experienced similar feelings myself. I'll get a box of clothes, kitchen stuff, or whatever packed up and sometimes it will sit for a week or two. Then I'll see something I put in there and think oh "I might need that someday." Or what's worse is when I have donated something and then find it at the thrift store and want to buy it again. I have yet to do re-buy anything, but I have experienced donaters remorse. I hate clutter so I have to constantly remind myself that if I don't get rid of the X that I haven't used since we moved in then it's just something else I'm going to have to clean around.

I do need a method to this madness. Do people normally do a once-a-year "Spring cleaning"? I thought the perpetual deep cleanings were the way to go, but I feel that it makes the house a perpetual mess. Any advice givers out there?


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