Monday, March 26, 2012

31ish Weeks

SXSW ended officially a week ago yesterday and I think I've caught up on all of my rest. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we walked at least 3-4 miles a day. Then that Saturday we had our hospital tour, came home and took a 3-hour nap, then decided to stay home from SXSW activities. We were exhausted! I think we both enjoyed listening to a variety of music over the week, but we did come to the conclusion that we'd never spend over a $1000 for us to get badges. If you don't have a badge you'll likely have to wait and may not get into see the if you're really into music and have the cash, go for it. I could get used to the whole free badge thing though :)

Here I am at the Austin Convention Center:

This is at 30-weeks. We need to take a recent picture because I know I've grown a lot since then. At our appointment last week I had gained 7 pounds since my last appointment. That's just over 2 lbs a week! I knew my shirts seemed like they were getting too small (plus all of the extra lower back and round ligament pain), but I had no idea that was possible! I guess we're catching up from the first trimester because I didn't gain hardly anything at that point.

Baby is still head down, moving a ton...oh while we were listening to her heart beat on the doppler we heard some extra "blips" and it was her hiccuping! She gets the hiccups at least once a day (I have them several times a day) and the doctor said she would likely have them a lot once she's "out".

Our Bradley Classes (child birth) also ended on the 18th. I'm very happy that we took them, we learned a lot, but we definitely didn't miss driving 30 minutes all the way up and back yesterday!

We have started painting the nursery and the only thing left is the accent or "chevron" wall. Bo put the crib together on Friday (I have pictures!) and I have some decorations I want to make. I love the gray and white so far. I was a little nervous that it wouldn't come out the way I had imagined it, but so far we're both really loving the color. We still need a mattress, so I need to look around for some organic ones...although we borrowed a bassinet from some friends and she'll be staying in that for awhile. The main things we need to get finalized are the car seat, the birth plan and packing the hospital bag. I'd also like to get some meals in the freezer, but we'll see how that goes.

I'll be 32 weeks on Thursday...that's 8 weeks left! Our wait could also be shorter or longer. I really hope she doesn't come early or I'm going to run out of time!


Christina 12:56 PM  

Thanks for the update! I hate not being right there with you through this!! You're belly is so cute :). Can't wait to see you guys. Josh and I are trying to figure out a time for me to come visit. I'll try to get there before the baby does. Love you!

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