Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Almost 39 Weeks!

I've been wanting to update the blog since we got back almost two weeks ago, but I haven't been feeling well.  On the way home from the shower, I got a migraine - the first one in almost 5 years.  Since we took separate vehicles, we had to pull over because I couldn't see due to the aura.  We ended up in a little motel in Belton, Texas.  It wasn't the nicest place, but it wasn't gross either.  Thank God they allowed pets ("No Cats Though") and the pet fee was only $10; otherwise, I guess Brodie would have stayed in the back of the truck?  I'm not sure what we would have done.  We stayed in Belton until about 4:30 Monday morning and then headed back.  I spent Monday recovering and by Tuesday I felt better, but then Tuesday afternoon my allergies started up.  It's taken two weeks to feel "normal" again.  The mold has been sky high and several other Austinites have been having the same issues.  I feel like many of us are yelling at each other because we're all so congested - haha.

Anyway, last week we had our 38 week appointment and my blood pressure was higher than it usually is.  Not high enough to be considered hypertension, but pre-hypertension.  They took some blood (testing kidneys, liver, platelets) and then I had to do a 24-hr urine collection.  Everything came back good, which means no Pre-Eclampsia.  Probably the worst part of the whole ordeal was having to keep the urine in the refrigerator.  Yep, I could have lived my entire life without ever having to do that!  We have our 39-week appointment on Friday, so I hope my blood pressure hasn't gone up.  Brodie and I went on a nice walk today, so hopefully lots of nice walks this week will help.  I didn't walk as I usually do the past couple of weeks because I felt so bad.

The silver lining to all of this is that I had a lot of time to put away all of the gifts we got at our baby shower.  The shower was so much fun and I was completely overwhelmed with everyone that came and supported us.  I felt SO special.  I have to say there have been times during this pregnancy when it's been hard to be away from our family and friends.  Everyone was so generous and I could totally feel the love in all of the work that was done to make it happen.  A special shout-out to Lynette, Nancy, Ramona and Janice for making it all happen.  These ladies did a fantastic job!

I typically don't enjoy doing laundry, but there's something calming about washing, sorting and putting away her clothes.  I guess for me, it's the most tangible way I can prepare for her presence.  I'm not sure what it is, but it's incredibly soothing - even though there's way more pink than I could have ever prepared myself for, haha.  She's still moving a lot, although the movements seem much slower.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that the doctor is estimating her to be at 7lbs 12oz already!  I know it's an estimation, but I think we might have a cute, chunky baby on our hands. 

Since my allergies have been so bad, my eyes have been incredibly baggy, which means I've been completely unmotivated to have my picture taken.  I did have Bo snap a quick one while we were fishing on Sunday.

We didn't catch anything, but I did catch the hook in my leg.  Luckily, it wasn't too bad because I'm not sure what I would have done if Bo had passed out - he's not much for blood. 

Well, the "due date" is May 24th.  I'm not feeling that she'll come early, but we'll let everyone know when she's here.  I say "we"; I mean Bo.  That is after he's gone to get me a big, cold, deli sandwich - seriously, that's all I want at this point.

Love to you all.


Shiffana 12:01 PM  

Oh Taylor... you make me smile :) I can't wait to meet baby Wingo and find out her name!

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